Chinese Translation

The Chinese language is known for its variations, with at least six dialects in use today. This makes English to Chinese translation complex, which only an experienced language service provider can help you to navigate. Depending on the dialect of the intended audience, Skrivanek can offer localization to guarantee accurate and effective transmission of content and messaging.

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Full service

Our team of native Chinese linguists can offer professional translation, interpreting and other language services to the Automotive, Medical, Technical, Financial, Legal, Public Sector and Marketing fields.

We support the work of our human assets by using high-end MT and CAT tools to achieve accurate translation of both English to Chinese and Chinese to English content.


Professionals in Your Field

Unlike other providers that produce Google Translate English to Chinese outputs, Skrivanek offers professional Chinese translation services to cater to native markets. Whether the target audience understands traditional or classical Chinese characters, we have the expertise to allow you to communicate with them effectively. Skrivanek offers specialized translation services through our team of translators, interpreters and localization experts, and quality is always guaranteed.

For details about a language service provider to translate Chinese to English, contact Skrivanek today.

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