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Your company’s website and apps are the most powerful links you have to your international customers. The best case scenario is that they are uniquely beautiful, culturally appropriate, and functionally perfect. Our software localization services will help you achieve these goals.

The vast majority of global consumers do not speak English and they prefer to shop online in their own language. So the answer to the first question about selling your product abroad is, yes, it’s best to translate and localize your website and product, including the software that drives them. This goes for apps, games, videos, and every other web or software product.

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What is included?

Software localization ensures that your foreign-market websites reach your intended audience and work well. The process includes:

Technical software adjustments for functionality in markets with different currency, time zones, calendars, laws, digital platforms, etc.
Cultural analysis to select the most appealing, appropriate content and design.
Linguistic quality assurance for 100% accurate translation within both texts and software.
Thorough testing of localized software for every market and situation.

The final product will be a localized website, app, or software product that makes your potential customers in each market feel as if it was created specifically for them.

How does it work?

Unlike conventional translation, software localization does not begin when the product is complete and available in your home market. Instead, software localization starts with internationalization of your product in the early phase of development and design.

We can ensure that your product’s design features and software coding are able to easily accept changes such as foreign languages, alternative scripts, and new graphics.

This strategy is far more efficient and effective than attempting to go back into a completed web or software product and make changes.

The main benefits?

The benefits of software localization include:

A vastly increased customer base of millions of people who will be able to enjoy your website, app, or game without the interference of errors, strange languages, malfunctioning software, or cultural elements that make no sense to them.
An extremely enjoyable UX that fosters return customers and active shares to other potential customers.
Smooth purchase functions to increase captured sales and reduce the income loss that is inevitable with websites and apps that are not expertly localized.
Strengthened branding to increase global awareness about your company.

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With Skrivanek as your software localization partner, your role falls squarely within the realm of your expertise: to provide information about your product. A single point of contact with our specialists begins the process that will unlock new international markets.

Skrivanek software localization ensures that your web and software products are localized with precision, and poised to maximize your success in those markets.

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