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Skrivanek’s staff has gathered the most frequently asked questions about our service options. Some of those answers are available below and others are conveniently linked to the pages most closely related to their subject matter. It’s important to us that you understand the services we offer and the kind of solutions we can provide for all of your language service needs. We encourage you to directly contact us with any questions you don’t find answered here on our website!

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Skrivanek provides multifaceted, cost-effective language solutions. Our areas of specialization include technical translation and localization, sworn translations, DTP services, software and website localization, SEO/SEM, software testing and engineering, multimedia localization (games, e-learning), voiceover, subtitling, interpreting (conference, consecutive, simultaneous, sworn), and personal language services such as liaison  and language tutoring.

Skrivanek currently has a total of 45 branches in 17 countries around the world. We feel that a local presence enables us to give our clients the best service possible in terms of quality and economy. Our US office is in New York City with staff available to deal with clients’ requests from all over the country.

As the LSP market leader in Central and Eastern European languages, our headquarters is located in Prague, Czech Republic and we have a network of offices across that region, including Berlin, Brussels, and Warsaw. We also have branches in other regions. As Asian markets continue to grow, we have begun to expand our offices into that part of the world also.

As no two projects are the same it is difficult to give a general answer about our rates. We always try to give the client the best deal possible, taking into consideration the nature of the project, subject matter, size, deadline, and technical requirements.

We maximize efficiency and reduce costs by using state-of-the-art technology that is often not available to freelance translators or small LSPs. We are happy to discuss prices with you in more detail when we know the specifics of your job.

We understand that for a company that regularly uses translation services, changing your supplier can feel like a hassle. At Skrivanek we offer a true one-stop service experience for all your language translation and localization needs at competitive prices without compromising on quality. It makes sense, especially in the current economic climate, to compare what we offer in terms of price, quality, customer service, and turnaround time with what you get from your current supplier. Our global network of local offices helps ensure that our rates are competitive and our work is of the highest possible quality.

Consider enlisting us as a back up vendor option should you have a large project or your current supplier’s situation changes. We feel confident our project managers, linguists, and other specialists will provide the kind of professionalism that has kept our clients returning for years: they will always go the extra mile to ensure that our services meet your every translation need.

As a leading multi-language translation provider Skrivanek regularly takes part in tendering for translation projects offered by major international companies and organizations. We have staff dedicated to and experienced in preparing the documentation required.

We would be happy to compete for work in this way as we are familiar with all of the processes involved and we are confident that the benefits of our services are clear and compelling.

Why work with us?

Over 25 years, Skrivanek has broadened its customer base across diverse industries and markets. To optimize service, we have created specialized divisions for key sectors by accumulating subject-matter terminology databases, references, know-how, and industry experts. The result is strong, sophisticated specializations that far exceed the quality of less-developed translation services.

Skrivanek is not just another translation agency outsourcing all its work. Our language services are managed and controlled out of local production units in several countries. We have a network of 45 branches in 17 countries providing 3,000+ native linguists and subject matter specialists, local vendor management and quality assurance, and local account managers and project managers. Physical presence in the countries we service helps us understand the local market and its specifics, and allows us to execute language service projects in a local environment with on-site Project Managers, QA specialists, and native linguists and specialists. Local vendor specialists are responsible for recruitment and they implement oversight with an effective, sophisticated system of quality monitoring.

As part of our extremely effective company structure, we operate an International Project Management Centre based in the heart of Europe (the Czech Republic). This Centre provides oversight for local production units and ensures access to a qualified workforce at an acceptable cost. The centre is a single-contact point for our customers from which we are able to provide communication in their native languages, with long hours of operation. Various specialized departments are also located in the Czech Republic, such as the localization and DTP departments, CAT technology department, and our Information System Development department. Your single contact at Skrivanek coordinates the use of all of these resources.

Skrivanek provides a broad range of individual and inter-related language services in a cost-effective way. From your earliest concept through the production of final materials or localized websites, we offer comprehensive service. Oversight is managed by Project Managers with the assistance of excellent staff and the most advanced language software technologies.

Our language solutions employ sophisticated software applications and all of the major translation and localization tools. The result is process optimization that expedites your translation jobs and maximizes their accuracy. Skrivanek invests in technology in order to automate portions of the translation process and make it as effective as possible, and this is a key feature in our success. In addition to language-specific technology, Skrivanek has developed a customized Business Management System (BMS) that helps us manage the translation process for every job by automating numerous tasks.

Skrivanek has integrated the Across Language Server (ALS) technology into the translation process to help us improve quality, accelerate the translation process, and decrease costs. Across enables us to centralize linguistic resources, connect internal and external resources, and create a language-processing environment that functions perfectly. Furthermore, Across offers options for client participation in the process. For instance, ALS can connect with a client’s Content Management System (CMS) to speed up file transfer, and it allows easy web-interface access to approve terminology or make client reviews (in a simple environment similar to Word, without installing any tool).

We offer professional linguists with extensive experience in each field, and skilled Project Managers who take a personal approach to your needs. Our technology experts are familiar with the latest technology for localization, multimedia needs, software localization testing, etc. Together we work to maintain a standard of agile, supportive customer service that is perhaps our most powerful asset.

We have over 25 years of hands-on experience in the management of both single- and multiple-language translation projects, handling large volumes with short turnaround times for clients. We have processed language services for the leaders in many industries, and we are also experienced with the management of small-scale language solutions.

Skrivanek was among the first translation companies in Central and Eastern Europe to fully implement the ISO 9001:2001 quality assurance system in 2002. Among other things, the ISO certification ensures that our standardized quality system is available for all of the languages we offer.

In October 2009, Skrivanek joined a select group of translation agencies that have been certified according to European Standard EN 15038:2006 for Translation Services. Our certificate was updated in 2015. This certification is issued by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and it defines translation quality and standardizes procedures and translation processes for delivering language services.

We upgraded to the ISO 9001:2008 certificate (awarded by TÜV) in 2010, and most recently received certification under the 2017 ISO 18587 requirements for translation and post-editing of machine translation.


Skrivanek closely follows technological progress and keeps up with the latest trends in translation best practices. To that end, Skrivanek has become a member of the Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) and is a founding member of TAUS Data Asociation (TDA). This is an industry association that promotes sharing parallel language data with the objective of stimulating the innovation and automation of translation activities.



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