When it’s time to prepare your video material for foreign audiences, subtitling is a cost effective alternative to voiceover. In some markets it is even preferred. Translating spoken language into written language is an art and Skrivanek’s subtitlers have the experience, software, and talent to provide flawless subtitling in over 80 languages.

We accept numerous formats

We accept your audio/video files in numerous formats and use a variety of programs to produce the results you want. For example, a subtitling software like SubRip Text (SRT) translation will extract content from live video, DVDs, or video files, then use those files to create subtitles by marking exactly where in the video and how long the segment is.

Subtitles must be created to synchronize with scenes, and timed to match audio delivery. The subtitling for your video or film should be so easy to see and understand that the audience barely notices they are reading.

About the subtitling process

The subtitling process starts with spotting to clock exactly where the subtitles need to go and how long they will be. Our linguists then translate the spoken words from the source language, creating just the right tone for your target language.

Careful proofreading of the new subtitles ensures accurate language conventions are in place, with smooth line breaks. Simulation is the process of screening the video with subtitles incorporated as they will appear onscreen in the final product, but in a format that allows corrections and improvements.

We’ll meet the budget and timeline

Do you need subtitling services for English? Spanish? Korean? Arabic? Maybe all at once? We can handle it, and we’ll meet the budget and timeline we promise. Not sure whether you want subtitling or voiceover? Check out our voiceover services before you decide.

The best multilingual subtitling is so well executed, with such natural language, that it blends seamlessly into the viewer’s video experience. This is the end result we strive for at Skrivanek, no matter the size or type of project.

We offer subtitling services for:

  • E-learning courses
  • Website videos
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Television commercials
  • Documentaries
  • News stories
  • Full-length films

We worked on:

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