Language Assessment and Empowerment Services

At Skrivanek, we are committed to fostering international communication and empowering businesses to thrive in a multilingual world. Through a wide array of specialized language services, we partner with companies to ensure that language never becomes a barrier. Our offerings include:

Language Assessments

Our expert assessors are equipped to determine the language proficiency of potential candidates, ensuring that they meet the specific linguistic requirements of your business.

We also conduct in-depth evaluations of your existing staff's language skills, helping you identify areas for improvement and alignment with your organizational goals.

Tailored Language Courses

Our customized courses cater to the specific needs of your industry, whether it's legal, medical, technical, or any other sector.

We offer courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, ensuring that your team's abilities match your business needs.

Interview Assistance

We offer interpretation services to facilitate smooth communication during multilingual interviews.

We are also able to provide assistance in crafting interview documents and materials in various languages, tailored to your needs.

Candidate Search Assistance

Our network and linguistic expertise allow us to assist you in searching for suitable candidates across different language regions.

We can translate job descriptions, applications, and other recruitment-related documents to ensure clarity and reach in your hiring process.

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