We transcribe audio to text from many formats, from cassette tapes to the most advanced video software files. Often businesses, news organizations, law firms, and government agencies need transcripts immediately after a recording event, and we are set up to accommodate that need. Our audio and video transcription services have fast turnaround times while also allowing you the final review of text files to ensure that all transcription texts meet your expectations.

Professional transcriptionists

Skrivanek teams use transcription software that creates searchable, editable output. Our professional transcriptionists take that output – in any of over 80 languages – and correct any errors and complete any gaps, to create a polished final product that you will also be able to check before you sign off on the transcription text.

For audio dense with industry-specific vocabulary such as medical, legal, technical, IT, automotive or many other fields, we assign transcriptionists with the relevant subject matter backgrounds.

Multilingual audio and video transcriptions

As always, our professionals are sworn to confidentiality regarding any and all materials they work with, and your files are only available to assigned transcriptionists.

For your multilingual audio and video transcriptions, professional transcription linguists who specialize in Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, or any of 80 other languages, will smoothly transcribe with the assistance of transcription software. And from the initial upload of your file through the final quality assurance checks, your data is kept private and secure.

Skrivanek transcription services:

  • Multilingual transcription
  • Transcriptionists with subject matter expertise
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Transcription software assistance
  • Transcription of files with poor audio, diverse accents, and other challenges
  • Quality assurance at every step
  • Guaranteed data security

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