Whether you are a producer of video games, news podcasts, or feature films, we can help you build the essential bridges to your foreign audiences that are only possible with skillful, sophisticated multimedia preparation for foreign languages and culture.

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Voiceover is a type of media ‚translation‘ that integrates new, target-language recordings into a video, film, podcast, or other multimedia product being prepared for a foreign audience. A translated script is created first. Then voiceover readings are done, recordings are made, and experts integrate them with the video. Dubbing refers to the type of voiceover that is integrated to look as if the speakers are speaking the new target language.

Subtitling is a different way of preparing a video or film for a foreign audience. For this process the script is translated and the written lines of that translation are integrated into the video or film’s visuals at appropriate moments for the audience to read as they watch the film and listen to the original audio.

Transcription is the rendering of an audio recording into printed words. Our transcription service includes translation of the original into one or more target languages.

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