Do you need Voiceover translation to connect with your global audience? We offer the highest quality, start-to-finish services. Tell us what you need, and we will take over from there, utilizing the finest linguistic and multilingual voice talent.

Complex understanding of the cultures

Whether you need an authoritative voice for an Arabic safety manual, or a whimsical narrator for a children’s television show in Brazil, Skrivanek will coordinate the voice actors, translators, and recording technology to ensure an excellent final product.

The voice actors’ personalities, tone, and experience in your field are important qualities to consider, and we have a broad range of actors to meet your voiceover needs. Our multilingual voiceover experience is enhanced by complex understanding of the cultures for which you are preparing your materials.

Fulfill your goals with multilingual Voiceover

We offer English Voiceover, Japanese Voiceover, Hindi Voiceover, Korean, Spanish, Russian, and 80 other languages of Voiceover. To complete your localization in Eastern Europe you may need IVR recordings for every country, or you may need full social media video ads about your product.

Whatever your Voiceover needs and marketing strategy, we will help you fulfill your goals with multilingual Voiceover that exceeds your quality expectations, meets your deadlines, and stays within your budget.

Advanced new AI technology

For some projects, advanced new AI technology can be used to provide voiceover at greatly reduced rates. We can employ multilingual text-to-speech software to generate voiceover for use with video software such as Camtasia, Audacity, iMovie, Adobe Premier, and others.

The audio quality of this AI voiceover is indistinguishable from recordings of human speakers, and available in male or female, with numerous tone options. We can include this type of voiceover in any of two dozen languages when it’s appropriate for your needs.

You can trust Skrivanek with all of your Voiceover needs:

  • Video games
  • E-learning videos
  • Audio books
  • Documentaries
  • Travel tours
  • Social media ads
  • Animation
  • Film and television
  • IVR messaging

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