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Remote & Video Remote Interpreting services can facilitate multilingual communication for all types of meetings, discussions, and presentations. Whether you need remote interpreters for a one-on-one conversation, a small group, or a large audience our RI and VRI teams deliver superb communication links between parties who speak different languages. These teams of professionals will take care of all the details involved, from just the right interpreters to effective tech set-up, so that you can focus and participate in a successful event.

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Global connection has been advanced by the ease of remote interpreting and video remote interpreting. Just a few decades ago if a company wanted to negotiate a deal with someone in a foreign country, distance and language gaps stood in their way. Today you need only contact an equipped, experienced LSP like Skrivanek and you can connect via Remote or Video Remote Interpreting within hours to discuss anything with anyone anywhere.

When you partner with Skrivanek for your Remote or Video Remote Interpreting event we will help you consider:

  • How many language channels you require
  • Whether to use simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, or some combination
  • Which types of technology are needed
  • The best conferencing platform to use
  • A strategy for technical set-up onsite
  • Coordination of audio-visual materials


Interpreting for large, high profile, multilingual conferences is one of our specialties. Skrivanek’s list of Remote Interpreting and Video Remote Interpreting clients includes the European Union and multiple United Nations offices. We are pleased that these esteemed institutions entrust us with the task of communicating important information in multiple languages in a live, remote format that demands instant and consistent precision.

The interpreters for your job will be specifically suited to the conference or discussion for which you need interpreting. They will contribute the following assets to your event:

  • Native-level mastery of source and target languages
  • Background knowledge of the subject matter
  • Years of interpreting experience
  • Personal communication skills in addition to foreign language fluency
  • Ability to think quickly and adjust to multiple speakers
  • Impartiality and discretion

We save you time, money, and hassle

Remote and Video Remote Interpreting can save time, money, and hassle. To be able to connect with individuals from multiple countries at the same time to discuss important issues – without leaving your hometown – is a remarkable aspect of this technology. The only hitch is that it must be done well. Seminars, training sessions, conferences, panel discussions, and small meetings can all be highly effective and satisfying for every participant if you entrust the details to a Language Service Provider that has mastered Remote Interpreting.

Commitment to quality

We are ISO-certified for quality and annually ranked in the top 100 global Language Service Providers by industry researchers Common Sense Advisory and Nimdzi. We offer Remote and Video Remote Interpreting in over 200 language combinations. Contact us for a free assessment of your project.

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