Remote interpreting

Remote Interpreting connects people in real-time through video and voice Internet channels. Where human interaction and face-to-face contact is not necessary or is not possible, Remote Interpreting is a convenient and immediate option.

Instant Access, today

Skrivanek offers solutions for medical briefings, patient consultations, board and client meetings, employee training, and presentations.

But we also facilitate multilingual live conferences or similar events of any size, for which simultaneous interpreting is required. Skrivanek uses a powerful platform that streams interpreting and video to your audience

Skrivanek provides the instant accuracy you need by combining:

  • Specialized interpreters with knowledge of your industry‘s terminology
  • Cutting edge technology coordinated by top-notch tech and interpreting teams
  • Capability in over 80 languages
  • 100% confidentiality


  • No need to rent and install interpreting equipment
  • All or some of the parties (interpreters, attendees, speakers) can operate remotely
  • Saves money (no need to pay for travel, accommodation of interpreters or attendees)
  • Easy to plan and organize so it saves time
  • Any number of attendees from multiple countries
  • Any number of simultaneous languages
  • Easy distribution of documents and polls
  • Possibility of joining the meeting or conference from attendees´ computers or mobile phones

Reliability, speed and quality of services

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