Machine Translation

Machine Translation solutions are perfect for some documents. Medicine, law, and technology are all fields for which MT services are especially useful because of the large volumes of text with repeated terms and phrases. When MT is used for appropriate texts, accuracy, cost effectiveness, and translation speed are all improved.

Google Translate has demonstrated to a lot of people the general benefit of MT: easy access to rapid translation, with multilingual communication at the average person’s fingertips. But Google Translate also creates examples of MT’s limitations, producing texts at times that range from imprecise to completely incomprehensible. The ideal Machine Translation would be not only “smarter” than Google, but also used as just one tool in the toolbox of experienced linguists. NMT – Neural Machine Translation – used with the linguistic skills of a professional Language Service Provider, offers improved translation solutions.

NMT technology

NMT functions with neural networks that imitate the learning patterns of the human brain, making connections that by-pass the need for slow pattern detection. Older MT technologies like rule-based and statistical tools are not as fast or as effective. Skrivanek has developed an internal NMT technology that has been refined by use in the translation of thousands of pages.

Another advantage to entrusting your data to Skrivanek’s NMT and the linguists who use it is the security that we guarantee. Your confidential data is protected – always – by multi-step quality assurance processes that are a top priority for us. ISO 18587 offers guidelines for MT that we follow.

NMT Options

Post-editing is the process of checking and editing automatically translated text from NMT. This editing is performed by a translator who, in addition to their language skills, also has knowledge of the relevant subject matter.

  • Raw NMT (NMT without post-editing)
    For a medium to large amount of text that you need to be generally understandable.
  • Light NMT (NMT with basic post-editing)
    When you need more comprehensible text, but style is secondary.
  • Full NMT (NMT with full post-editing)
    Machine translation service that includes attention to formatting, semantics, and terminology.

Examples of individual options

Original textDatem podpisu nabývá smlouva účinnosti.
Raw NMTOn the date of signing, the contract takes effect.
Light NMTOn the date of its signing, the contract becomes effective.
Full NMTThe contract will go into effect on its signature date.

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