Liaison Interpreting

Liaison interpreting connects the speakers of two different languages by translating for each to the other in an informal manner. This type of interpreting has various labels depending on the situation in which it is used: escort interpreting, administrative interpreting, business interpreting, personal interpreting, and bilateral interpreting. With the intention of remaining in the background as they facilitate understanding, liaison interpreters focus on creating two-way bridges for their clients over both lingual and cultural gaps.

Whenever you need us

A lot of situations requiring the language service of interpreters are not orchestrated events. Examples are interactions in hospitals and courtrooms; weddings and other celebrations; tourism activities; foreign correspondence interviews; and casual business interactions such as factory tours.

Sometimes untrained bilingual people who happen to be present end up trying to interpret for the two parties involved. But professional interpreters have experience and training that cannot be compensated for by the ease of having help from someone standing by.

Years of experience

Liaison interpreting requires quick thinking and endurance, both of which are honed by the years of experience that our interpreters possess. The interpreter typically uses the consecutive interpreting style, listening with focus to each party and then speaking in the target language when there is a pause.

Sometimes whispered interpreting is used when a formal situation such as court proceedings requires discretion; this is a style that involves the interpreter translating for and conferring with the client as unobtrusively as possible and then sharing with the other party. The best liaison interpreters not only translate both languages accurately, they also bring a professional attitude to the interaction that makes both parties feel secure and understood.

Always the best

Skrivanek will determine the best interpreter(s) for your situation and monitor the success of the arrangement. If you connect well with a particular professional we try to make sure you are able to engage that interpreter the next time you need their services. Ideally there will be genuine human connections fostered by the interpreter because of the informal style.

Experienced liaison interpreters will be great communicators in general, capable of expressing not only a speaker’s words, but also their body language and emotions. These are good traits for all types of interpreters – but liaison interpreting adds the pressure of needing to translate what is happening and being expressed right here and now, beyond the verbal.

We are ISO-certified

Skrivanek is ISO-certified and annually ranked in the top 100 of global LSPs by industry researchers Common Sense Advisory and Nimdzi. When you contact us for Liaison Interpreting services we only need to hear about your needs and from there we will handle the details of assigning interpreters and ensuring their effectiveness.

We offer our services in over 200 language combinations. When you engage our interpreting services you are working with a Language Service Provider that handles major interpreting events for the United Nations and the European Union. We will ensure your satisfaction. Call for a free consultation.

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