General translations

General translations are needed every day, around the world. When you’re the one needing to translate your blog from English to Chinese, or send a business letter to a Portuguese company, turn your text over to Skrivanek for translation. We offer language services for every general translation need you have, in over 80 languages.

General translations

“General translations” refers to translations of texts that do not contain specialized terminology or technical complexities. General translations do, however, contain important information that you need to communicate. For that reason you should avoid automatic translation apps and seek professional language services. Skrivanek’s vast experience makes us an excellent choice for the translation of general texts.

Examples of general translations include correspondence, journalism, blogs for the general public, event pamphlets, travelogues, CVs, and job application cover letters. Common documents like these do not require specialized knowledge of a specific field. But they do require readable style, accuracy of context and nuance, and clarity of the author’s intent. These are features Google Translate cannot offer. Translators who are native speakers of the target language are the best solution.

Problem solving for special files

For translations containing general content within non-editable files, we will begin with the added step of extracting the content to create a file that is editable for further processing. With this new editable file we can use CAT tools to accurately translate it. This added step increases the time required and the cost, but it can definitely be done. Examples of non-editable general files include:

  • Hand-written letters and other documents
  • Notes taken at lectures, interviews, and events
  • Scanned historical documents
  • Text embedded in graphics

We can also redesign your final product to add back in the formatting, layout and graphics. Cost is calculated differently because the per word basis does not represent all tasks involved, but the cost and timeline we propose in your estimate will be guaranteed.

We are here for you

If your texts include graphics and terminology of a specialized nature, we have specialized translators with backgrounds in your field. Translation by linguists who have worked or studied in your field achieve the accuracy you must have for legal documents, financial reports, technical instructions, medical descriptions, and so many more specialized fields. These are not considered general translations, but they are all Skrivanek specialties.

High quality general translations can usually be done quickly and arranged at the last minute. Because of the straightforward nature of the texts, calculation of the cost is by word count and easy to calculate and confirm. Globalization has led to a vastly expanded network of connections among people around the world. When you want to communicate with your international friends and contacts, turn to Skrivanek. Our professionals know how to translate your meaning with 100% accuracy, with fast turnaround and affordable pricing.

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