Virtual Meeting Moderator

Online meetings are valuable – when those meetings work. Tele-conferencing sessions can be easier to call at the last minute, less expensive when travel costs are eliminated, and more efficient. However, for those same reasons we are sometimes more casual about them and it can be challenging to keep everyone engaged. Careful planning and meeting management might be even more important than they are for in-person group talks. Smooth technology is a must.

Smooth tech connections

Our professional moderator teams coordinate all the elements of your meetings to create harmonious, dynamic tele-conferencing sessions. While an ‘inside’ meeting member from your company executes the agenda and leads the discussion, the technology moderator handles the entry and exit of meeting participants; timely inclusion of visual and audio elements; question and comment curation; and format shifts during the meeting, such as breakouts to small groups.

The moderator team meets with your leadership ahead of time to get clear on your meeting goals, and the assigned virtual meeting technology expert makes sure those happen on the technical and logistical level.

Conferencing software options

The moderator team’s goal is to keep all participants clear and engaged, using every type of assistance required. Our experts are familiar with a variety of conferencing software options, and our tech-based communication skills have been honed over decades of long-distance interpreting.

The intimidating but essential process of running every aspect of virtual meeting technology should probably be delegated to an expert other than the individual leading the content discussion. Credibility, trust, and momentum can all be lost when technological glitches interrupt.

Effective multilingual communication

For global enterprises, there is also often a need for translation during virtual meetings. Our multilingual moderators can directly connect to members of your meeting who may need foreign language assistance.

These skilled communicators are also able to assess participant comfort and involvement, and assist you in optimizing those. They even have ideas to help you develop a virtual meeting plan that leads to real connection with meeting members, and satisfying communication for all.

Skrivanek Virtual Meeting Moderator Teams:

• Improve the harmony of your online meetings
• Increase participant comfort and engagement
• Remove stress from meeting leaders
• Maintain a discreet and impartial presence
• Coordinate verbal, visual, audio, and technical elements
• Ensure content confidentiality

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