Market Research Translation

Market research data is an essential first-step in successful multilingual marketing. To learn the wants and needs of your target market consumers, translation of your market research tools such as surveys is a great place to begin.

This is where our global network of trained marketing research linguists comes in. At Skrivanek we offer superior understanding of the languages and cultures of the demographics you want to reach all over the world. We use that knowledge to translate your original market research tools for your target audiences – not word-by-word, but with the nuance required to gather accurate insights.

Survey, interview and questionnaire translations done by linguists with knowledge of your target market result in high survey response rates. This is the key to success. High response rates mean more data and more reliable metrics to base your marketing choices on.

Research Materials, Translated with Accuracy and Speed

While accuracy is one of the key features of great market research translation, the other is speed. Market research will gauge the tastes and wants of your foreign markets now, today. As quickly as trends change, it’s best to use that information as soon as possible. In addition, the faster the turnaround time on your marketing research translations and data, the faster you can take your product to market.

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

The open-ended questions used in “qualitative analysis” may be best for some products and markets, and this type of research can also be less expensive. Small groups are basically asked “how” they feel about a product and “why,” so you get a sense of regional opinions.

Quantitative analysis” gathers more objective information. Numbers are collected from quantitative surveys and questionnaires that are “descriptive,” “comparative,” or “relational.” They tell the story of what people like and don’t like, what they need and want, and how much they value different features.

How We Can Help?

Technology plays a key role at every step of successful market research translation. Skrivanek’s market research translation experts use many types of specialized software to assist with:

  • Translation of text
  • Translation of web-enabled formats for questionnaires and surveys
  • Testing of questionnaires and surveys
  • Interpreting, remote or on-site
  • Transcription of qualitative interviews
  • Content analysis


Great Customer Service

The only thing more exciting than expanding into a new international market is doing so with market research knowledge that brings confidence and success. Put your trust in trained market research linguists. Skrivanek is famous for customer service that sees to every aspect of your vision, your project, and your people, as you grow into new markets worldwide.

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