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Multimedia localization can be a real game changer for your international sales. Statistics reveal that consumers are powerfully influenced by well-executed multimedia features such as brief demonstration videos. Emails and websites that contain multimedia features see increased click-throughs, longer views, and more conversions to sales.

Skrivanek offers a dedicated Multimedia Department capable of providing multimedia localization in 80 languages with competitive pricing, fast turnaround, and agreements you can trust. Our single-contact structure ensures that you will receive full service through every step of the multimedia localization process, via ongoing communication with a single project manager. Contact us for a no-obligation quote from Skrivanek, the LSP with a worldwide reputation for superb customer service.

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What is multimedia localization?

Multimedia localization is the art of preparing your media for a new culture with a different language:

  • videos
  • eLearning content
  • interactive features
  • animation
  • flash movies
  • rich media
  • games

Multimedia localization is a complex, multi-step process that takes time, experience, and specific expertise to do properly, with style and technical perfection. Our technical resources and multimedia specialists are organized as a dedicated Multimedia Department to meet the rapidly growing demand for these complex services.

Features of our multimedia localization services

The multimedia localization services we offer at Skrivanek are fulfilled by our Multimedia Department. Here, teams of highly qualified, diverse experts are assembled to transform your home-market media into powerful communication tools for foreign cultures:

  • native target language speakers
  • marketing transcreation artists
  • media specialists
  • experts for every technology involved
  • project managers with years of experience

Cultural appropriateness, technical precision, and perfect translation are all essential to excellent multimedia development. In short, multimedia localization requires multi-talented teams.

We are experts

Trends this decade are toward exponential increases in online shopping, learning, conferencing, and business transactions. Today’s online audiences have high expectations – they want media that feels like it was designed just for them. And this trend seems here to stay.

The time is probably now to think seriously about your multimedia localization investment. The explosion of multimedia content puts pressure on all businesses to adopt new modes of communicating in order to compete. Skrivanek technical experts stay up-to-date on developments in machine translation, advanced video and audio features, AI, Virtual Reality, and every other resource available to improve your multimedia features.

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Consumer demand for multimedia features brings with it the challenge of getting the cultural details right. In some cases, you’ll have the opportunity to target smaller, specific demographics, and who but a native linguist can localize multimedia with precise cultural accuracy?

On the other end of the spectrum, reaching into a market like the EU requires the scalability to communicate simultaneously in the 32 languages legally required for imports there. The ideal multimedia partner is an LSP that can offer support for the development of your multimedia planning and then fulfill that plan with world class multimedia services. Skrivanek is that partner.

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