Human-like Voiceover

Advanced text-to-speech (TTS) software is capable of creating audio that is indistinguishable from live human voices in many situations. And it’s far less expensive. AI-driven voiceover technology is a powerful communication solution for uses that don’t involve complex scripts or deep knowledge of specialized terminology. This software, coupled with our language expertise, makes target-language voiceover possible for jobs you may not have considered worth localizing until now.

Speak to every customer in their own language

When you need basic audio for one or a dozen or more target languages, advanced TTS voiceover processed by experienced translators and technicians can provide excellent, clear audio content. Instructional videos, online ads, and customer interactions can be localized with authentic target language audio using TTS software that is driven by neural network processing and algorithms that detect the subtlest speech variations. Skrivanek’s Multimedia Department uses the most advanced TTS technology and voiceover experts who are trained to optimize the final quality of its audio output.

AI voiceover is perfect for some jobs

The AI voiceover software we use has been trained with an enormous amount of recorded speech data. Patterns of volume and emphasis, pitch and tone, and natural pauses are part of programming that delivers surprisingly natural-sounding voices. While advanced AI voiceover results are not equivalent to the kind of human actor voiceover service that is best for a full-length feature film, we use it to provide:

  • Voiceover turnaround in just a few hours, versus the longer process of engaging voiceover actors and studio time.
  • Audio that costs less, which is perfect for short, utilitarian recordings.
  • Target-language audio generated from Skrivanek’s professional translations into any of 80+ languages.

When is human-like voiceover software the right choice?

With Skrivanek’s cultural guidance you can be sure that your AI voiceover is produced with awareness of your target audience’s preferences, because communication is about so much more than just words. Create affordable, appealing voiceover for:

  • E-learning modules
  • Virtual assistants
  • Audio clips for social media
  • Audio for online ads and websites
  • Narration of blogs and articles
  • Games and apps
  • Multilingual interpreting (prepared in advance) for presentations

Live human, studio voiceover is always an option

Skrivanek offers traditional voiceover with live human voice actors for projects requiring the holistic awareness of human readers. We can coordinate voice actors with just the right native language fluency, experience, acting style, and tone for your particular needs. Some of the projects for which we recommend this service:

  • Audio in highly unusual target languages for which there is a limited TTS database.
  • Film or video dramas or documentaries requiring sensitive, nuanced voiceover, rather than the more basic narrative style that AI voiceover generates.
  • Full-length audio books.

We can help you decide exactly what voiceover option is best for your multimedia project. Our expert voiceover project managers, translators, and technicians will develop voiceover products that meet or exceed your expectations, within the timeframe and budget we agree upon. That’s a promise.

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