Software Testing

The goal of software localization testing is 100% software product functionality in other languages. We test by searching for locale-related software glitches and bugs before product delivery to your new market. The result: high-performance content and programming that caters to your target culture and ensures a great user experience.

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Software Testing

Skrivanek’s software localization testing services use thorough test processes that combine automation and human analysis. Our testing engineers test your software product for:

  • translation consistency
  • artistic functionality of graphics, colors, and symbols
  • coding strings that might still be linked to the source language
  • readability of fonts
  • the fit of texts within their display framework, such as “buttons”
  • use of locale-appropriate currency, measurement units, time, etc.
  • local keyboard coordination with programming

We offer teams of professionals

Adapting your original texts and graphics for a new language and culture creates countless small and not-so-small changes. The software coding behind those texts and graphics must be meticulously examined to ensure that it coordinates with every one of your content changes. Our localization testing teams often have multiple testers checking the same functions and elements in order to create the kind of thoroughness that’s necessary for defect-free software. Specialized, automated programs assist in the localization testing of repetitive material, which reduces time required, cost, and the chance of oversights.

Over 100 types of software testing

There are well over 100 types of software testing. Functional, Non-Functional, and Regression/Maintenance are the three main testing categories that include dozens of specific tests to determine how the website (or app, game, etc.) handles various situations.

For example, “Performance” testing determines speed, scalability, and stability of your software as it is used in different situations. “Load” testing simulates how the system behaves under peak load conditions. “Monkey” testing reveals how a system responds to an unexpected, weird function a user might perform.

Inside and out, from bottom to top, we run your software through numerous scenarios to determine what works, what doesn’t, and specifically how. Our software technicians then fix any problems they find, to create a final software product that is appealing and runs smoothly in every situation.

Ensure your software’s success

Skrivanek’s software localization testing can be done for any target language or language combination and offers benefits that keep your app, website, game or other software product competitive and successful:

  • reduced software-release delays or glitches
  • a great user experience that fosters repeat use or purchase, and minimizes customer complaints
  • data security for you and your users
  • money saved and hassles eliminated over the long-term

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