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You can increase international brand awareness and profits at the same time with skillful ecommerce listing translations. The best ecommerce listing translation includes smart localization of keywords, transcreation of ideas, and attention to details such as numerical values. This multi-faceted process requires a Language Service Provider (LSP) who will prepare your text in every way for translation your target culture can relate to. It’s not a task for the simplistic machine translation offered by sources such as Amazon or Google.

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The first reason your ecommerce listing should be translated by a human LSP is search engine rankings. Skrivanek’s ecommerce translators specialize in localization of your text with focus on the keywords that will work in your target culture. Your translator will choose the words that your target audience actually uses to search for a product like yours. You can’t achieve accuracy by merely translating keywords from your original language into the corresponding words in the target language. The fact is, people in different cultures associate different words and phrases with the products they search for.

This means that target-language SEO keywords should be selected before translation is done. Experienced ecommerce translators can help you research your target culture and determine which SEO keywords arise most frequently there in search results for your type of product. With that data, text is developed that is then translated and localized for the target market. This preparatory step is essential to the creation of accurate, successful ecommerce listing translations.

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The next reason to seek professional ecommerce listing translation is your global image. You’ve worked hard to develop your brand and you’ve thought through the details that you want associated with your products. Professional translators can preserve your brand and when necessary they will even transcreate ideas to prepare them for your new foreign audience, to ensure they’re understood.

The third reason to translate your ecommerce listings carefully with experienced ecommerce translators is precision. You want to prepare for optimal function of the ad as that final link between customers and sales. Measurements, money, times, dates, and other numerical features must be translated flawlessly. Any data that leads to final purchasing must be precise and tested multiple times.

Amazon listing translations

An example of one of the best online marketplaces in the world is Amazon. Our ecommerce translators know the best practices for Amazon listing translations, and they can help you provide the details and phrasing needed to create a great translated ecommerce listing. Amazon offers a generic machine translation, but multilingual Amazon ads are best done with intimate knowledge of every individual market, and keyword translation specific to your target cultures.

A part of the global marketing strategy

Ecommerce Listings are more and more often a part of the global marketing strategy for any market. The good news is that because they are by nature formulaic, the format and content are straightforward. With experienced translators capable of clear copywriting in your target language, your ecommerce listings can be 100% accurate and sound native, appealing, and persuasive.

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