Conference Interpreting

Conference Interpretation is the most demanding form of interpreting. Diverse skills and strong confidence are required because conference interpreters are basically on stage, contributing to the success of vital discussions. In addition, conference interpreting involves effective set-up and monitoring of interpreting technology. Skrivanek handles multilingual conferences for the United Nations, European Union, and many others. We excel at managing conference interpreting challenges and solutions.

Conference interpreting is demanding

Conference interpreters may use three different styles of interpreting during conference events:

  • Consecutive interpreting allows the interpreter to listen, take notes, and then at a pause point they translate the speaker’s words.
  • Simultaneous interpreting is done while the speaker is talking, the interpreter translating just a few words behind the speaker.
  • Relay interpreting is needed less frequently. When there are numerous languages to be translated into and some of the combinations are rare, there will be one interpreter who translates into a common language such as English, and additional interpreters interpret the English for the portions of the audience speaking other languages.

Only the finest professionals

It is hard to overstate the challenging nature of this job. Conference interpreters are proficient in several interpreting modes, and sometimes they must switch back and forth between the different modes, depending on the conference agenda and spontaneous needs. There is a tremendous amount of training and experience required to be able to do this. Add to that the naturally high stakes that are usually part of conferences, and the need for a calm, experienced interpreter with confidence, stamina, and nerves of steel is clear.

Because of the high level of skill, experience, and character required to be a professional conference interpreter, it is a specialized field of only about 10,000 individuals around the world. For conferences such as those we handle for the United Nations the best interpreters are often booked far in advance. Many of these professionals have master’s degrees in conference interpretation, or some equivalent, and they participate with industry associations designed to maintain high standards by setting rigorous membership standards.

Comprehensive conference interpretation support

The other part of your conference support that must be of the highest quality is the technical set-up and execution. Your consultation with Skrivanek about the linguistic support your event requires will include a discussion about the content and specialized terminology, along with how many languages you need. The number of languages you require will dictate the specific tech support we will provide.

Soundproof booths and sound equipment will be set up to ensure that your interpreters will be able to do their job communicating with conference participants without disturbing the speakers or those who are listening in another language. The specifications we follow for optimal results cover audio/transmission equipment, booth features, and lighting. Skrivanek Project Managers coordinate all arrangements, and they oversee the conference as it is going on to ensure rapid adjustments if problems arise.


Skrivanek is ISO-certified and annually ranked in the top 100 of global LSPs by industry researchers Common Sense Advisory and Nimdzi. When you contact us for Conference Interpreting services we only need to learn the details of your project and from there we will handle everything: assigning interpreters, planning conference and technology details, and ensuring their effectiveness throughout your event.

We offer our services in over 200 language combinations. When you engage our interpreting services you are working with a Language Service Provider who handles major interpreting events for the United Nations and the European Union. We will ensure your satisfaction. Call for a free consultation.

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