Public Sector Interpreting

Professional public sector interpreting enables government entities to meet the needs of the diverse language groups within a country. With efficiency and cost-effective services, it’s possible to reach every citizen. And when it comes to police work, healthcare, education, and so many other fields, universal access to services is essential.


Interpreting is always about connecting people. Within the public sector, that connection often involves direct contact with the citizens you serve. Skrivanek understands how to manage both the human interaction and the multilingual communication elements involved.

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An additional challenge is that public entities such as legislative branches, hospitals, schools, courts, chambers of commerce, public health departments, and police, are often operating on tight budgets. This can be true even when demand for services increases during periods of greater need due to crises or new programs. Such conflicts between needs and resources occur at the city, state, regional, and Federal levels. You need a Language Service Provider capable of meeting your budget without sacrificing accuracy or professionalism.

Experienced public sector language services

Professional interpreting for non-English speakers in your community requires not only native-language expertise, but also cultural awareness. Interpreting on site for those in need can be a life-enhancing service that improves the entire fabric of a community. When your work involves maximizing health, safety, and understanding for all members of your community, you must utilize experienced public sector language services.

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Skrivanek understands the dynamic between citizens and public sector institutions. We respect the critical importance of interpreting and translation in this realm, and will work with you to develop a plan that fits within the limitations of your budget and your timeline. Whether you need video interpreting, online meeting moderation, court interpreting or transcription, emergency interpreting on-site, multilingual conference interpreting, or any kind of related document translation, we are equipped to meet your needs.

icon experienced translation and localizationConfidentiality is guaranteed with iron-clad nondisclosure agreements and data security measures that have been tested and approved by ISO certification. Contact us for on-site or remote public sector interpreting support, and a Project Manager will discuss your needs with you in detail. And keep in mind that we can handle last minute urgent interpreting needs, too. Together we will develop a plan for your public sector services that meets your goals and your budget.

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