Email Translation-Support Service

Global communication moves at the speed of your internet connection. The result is that business needs can move at that same rapid pace. If you need a translation immediately, what do you do?

New Service

Skrivanek offers an innovative service to support the pace of your company’s operations. Our Email Translation-Support Service assists international businesses of all sizes. If there are times when you or your staff members need a translation right away, and you can’t afford to wait for your request to move through your company’s established channels, this service is for you.

Here’s how it works

We create a special Skrivanek mailbox where your employees, and no one else, can send their general translation requests. If someone is working from home or spending time out of the country, we are still able to receive their request instantaneously. A Skrivanek Project Manager dedicated to your support oversees the mailbox Monday through Friday between specified hours. This manager assigns requests to the most suitable translator, and within one hour you will have your translation.

What can be translated

General translations such as correspondence, blogs, announcements, business quotes, and answers to customer questions are ideal texts for this service. Fast turnaround of professional, accurate translations for your everyday needs means that you will be ahead of your competition in many situations. This service can also remove the headache of having a backlog of translation needs.

Our experience

Our Email Translation-Support Service was originally designed to meet the needs of our long-term clients. It has proven to be so successful for them that we want to make it available to any of our clients who might benefit from it. This service offers the usual 100% accuracy, quality assurance, and ISO-certified procedures that are trademarks of all of Skrivanek’s translations.

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