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The Albanian language is an Indo-European language that is spoken by ethnic Albanians in the Balkans and the Albanian diaspora.

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Full service

For nuanced languages like Albanian which bears no obvious similarity to any other Indo-European language, accurate translation is key. This means that a Google Translate result for English to Albanian may not be adequate. For Albanian translations in Automotive, Medical, Technical, Financial, Legal, Public Sector, Marketing, or general fields, Skrivanek assigns linguists with deep knowledge and experience.

Coupled with our world-class MT and CAT tools, our human translators with native Albanian comprehension skills are the best choice to execute your project which involves Albanian and any other source or target language.

Professionals in Your Field

Translating from Albanian to English and from English to Albanian requires skilled professionals with localization expertise. Skrivanek offers professional translation through our team of translators, interpreters and localization experts, who offer the experience, knowledge and native application of Albanian translation.

For details about a language service provider that can offer a range of Albanian language services and professional translation in over 200 language combinations, contact Skrivanek today.


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