Kurdish Translation

Kurdish is one of the rare languages supported by Skrivanek for a range of language services, including translation and interpreting.

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Full service

The Kurdish language is a West Iranian language which has three main dialects – Sorani, Kurmanji and Pehlewani. As an end-to-end language service provider, Skrivanek can offer Kurdish Sorani translation, which is the main dialect requested by our clients. The primary industries we support are AutomotiveMedicalTechnical, FinancialLegalPublic Sector, Podcasts, Market Research and Marketing.

Professionals in Your Field

Accurate translation into Kurdish requires native linguists who are familiar with the nuances of the main Kurdish dialects. Skrivanek hires Kurdish translators with specialized knowledge of each of the dialects to ensure accurate and comprehensible localization. With our team, you are guaranteed to get consistent translations to prove that we are a partner that you can trust.

If you wish to translate English to Kurdish for your business, contact us at Skrivanek.

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