Icelandic Translation

As an end-to-end language service provider, Skrivanek offers various localization services in 80 languages and over 200 language combinations. The Icelandic language is one of the lesser spoken languages for which we offer translation, interpreting and other language services. The language, which is spoken by just over 300,000 people and closely resembles Faroese and some Norwegian dialects, requires linguists with native knowledge.

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Full service

We offer Icelandic translation and other localization services to various industries, including  Automotive, Medical, Technical, Podcasts, Financial, Legal, Public Sector, Market Research and Marketing.

Our most common requests are for English-Icelandic translation, Icelandic to English translation and Danish to Icelandic translation. Once we have translated your subject matter using our cutting-edge MT and CAT tools, we store a glossary of common terms and industry terminology. This ensures that your future projects can access them, and the project is time- and cost-effective.


Professionals in Your Field

With our headquarters in Central Europe, we have a strong track record in the entire European market as a top-quality professional translation company. Our skilled linguists offer consistent translations time and time again, resulting in repeat business from our clients. Working with Skrivanek guarantees access to skilled linguists, proofreaders and quality assurance personnel who are committed to giving you accurate and consistent translations.

If you are looking for an English to Icelandic translator for your localization needs, look no further than Skrivanek.

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