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The Flemish language is often incorrectly confused with the Dutch language, but trained professionals can help you to identify the differences. Skrivanek offers quality language services for the Flemish language, which has nuances that make it very different from the Dutch language.

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Full service

The main difference comes across in spoken Flemish, so it is important for your language service provider to be able to interpret for the specific dialectical differences. Translation accuracy is also important because of the noted differences in formal writing between the two languages.

Skrivanek can offer English to Flemish translation, and Flemish to English translation through our qualified and experienced linguists. We also use quality translation tools to support our human translators before your project passes through proofreading and quality assurance.

We are the language service of choice for several organizations across a range of industries, including Automotive, Medical, Technical, SEO, Financial, Legal, Public Sector and Marketing. Your Flemish content can reach audiences in as many markets as your brand and our language specialties will allow.

Professionals in Your Field

Skrivanek hires only the best because our clients deserve the best possible quality for localization projects. We have professional translators and experienced interpreters to produce excellent results for your target audience. Our native linguists understand the nuances of the Flemish language and its dialects so you can feel assured that your target audience will get the message clearly and effectively.

Let Skrivanek’s trained and experienced specialists provide you with quality Flemish to English or English to Flemish translations today. We also support over 200 language combinations for all your language service needs.

Need to get your brand message across to a Flemish audience?

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