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The Faroese language is a North Germanic language spoken primarily by inhabitants of the Faroe Islands. While the language historically resembled dialects of western Norway, it has developed its own nuances over time due to isolation.

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Full service

Skrivanek specializes in not only major languages, but those considered to be minor languages, like Faroese. We offer language services from Faroese to English and English to Faroese primarily but can provide the human resources to combine Faroese with several other languages.

Because the language is spoken by only 66,000 people between the Faroe Islands and Denmark, it is important that we assign experienced native speakers to Faroese translation projects.

Together with quality MT and CAT tools, our native Faroese translators can produce translations that are technically sound. We have translators who also possess specialized industry experience in the Automotive, Medical, Technical, SEO, Financial, Legal, Public Sector and Marketing fields.

Professionals in Your Field

For languages like Faroese which are not widely spoken, native experience is essential to providing accurate translation. Skrivanek provides well-trained professionals who will ensure that your localization needs are taken care of. We also have accredited Faroese interpreters to take care of your spoken language localization needs.

For accurate Faroese translation and quality interpreting services, give Skrivanek a call.

Have Faroese content that is intended for an English-speaking audience?

Consider Skrivanek for your Faroese translation needs. Contact us today.



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