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Translating Health Globally in 2024

Translating Health Globally in 2024

The healthcare industry in 2024 is more global and diverse than ever. With this diversity comes the challenge of language barriers, which can significantly impact patient care and medical research. This is where the role of specialised translation services becomes indispensable. In this blog post we explore the latest trends in healthcare translation and localization, and how Skrivanek’s expert medical translation services are essential in navigating these challenges.

The evolving landscape of healthcare translation


1. Digital health documentation goes global

The digital transformation in healthcare has led to an increased need for multilingual digital health documentation. From electronic health records to telemedicine consultations, ensuring these resources are accessible in multiple languages is crucial for patient care and medical compliance.

2. AI and machine learning: enhancing efficiency and accuracy

The integration of AI and machine learning in translation processes has revolutionised the efficiency and accuracy of translating vast amounts of medical documentation. However, the nuanced and sensitive nature of medical texts necessitates a blend of advanced technology and human expertise.

3. Navigating the maze of regulatory compliance

Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries across the globe. Translations in this field must comply with international standards and regulations, making it essential for translators to be knowledgeable in both linguistic and legal aspects.

4. Localization – beyond words to cultural sensitivity

Localization in healthcare is not only about language accuracy. It must also take cultural relevance into account. This is especially important in patient-oriented materials, where cultural sensitivity can impact patient understanding and compliance.

5. Addressing the needs of minority languages

The demand for translations in less commonly spoken languages has risen, reflecting the industry’s commitment to providing equitable healthcare access to all linguistic groups.

Skrivanek’s role in transforming healthcare communication

  • Expertise meets empathy:

Our team of linguists at Skrivanek doesn’t just translate words; they understand medical context and cultural nuances, ensuring translations are accurate, empathetic and patient centric.

  • Adherence to global standards:

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of regulatory compliance, ensuring that all our translations meet the necessary legal and ethical requirements.

  • Technology with a human touch:

While we embrace technological advancements for efficiency, our human translators ensure the accuracy and cultural appropriateness that only a human touch can provide.

  • Customised localization services:

We recognise that healthcare is personal and varies across cultures. Our localization services are tailored to ensure that healthcare materials resonate with the target audience’s cultural and linguistic context.

  • Comprehensive language solutions:

Our services cover a wide range of languages, including rare and minority languages, ensuring no patient is left behind due to language barriers.

As we navigate the complexities of healthcare in 2024, the importance of professional translation services cannot be overstated. Skrivanek stands at the forefront of this field, offering medical translation services that bridge language gaps, ensure regulatory compliance and, most importantly, facilitate better patient care. In a world where healthcare knows no borders, our services ensure that language doesn’t either.

If you’re in the healthcare industry and facing the challenges of language barriers, Skrivanek is here to help. Visit our Medical Translation Services page to learn more about how we can assist you in providing accessible and culturally sensitive healthcare services. Let’s work together to make healthcare truly global.



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