Slovenian Translation

The Slovenian language, more commonly referred to as Slovene, is the main language of the Republic of Slovenia and is also spoken to parts of Austria and Italy. While we provide a range of professional language services, most clients require Slovenian to English translation.

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Full service

Our list of longstanding clients spans diverse professional practices, including Automotive, Entertainment, Medical, Technical, Financial, Legal, Podcasts, Public Sector, Market Research and Marketing.

Our clients also require us to:

  • Translate Slovenian to English
  • Translate English to Slovenian
  • Translate Slovenian to Albanian
  • Translate Slovenian to Croatian

Professionals in Your Field

Skrivanek assigns only native linguists with industry experience to English to Slovenian projects. This gives our clients the type of industry-specific talent that understands the nuances of the language. Their efforts are supported by our top-of-the-line MT and CAT tools which ensure consistency with each translation project.

Why Google translate Slovenian to English when you can get reliable translations from a globally recognized language service provider?

When next you need to get English to Slovenian translation and vice versa, Skrivanek is the most reliable language service provider you can choose.


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