Persian Translation

Persian, also known as Farsi primarily by natives, is an Iranian language primarily spoken in the nations of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. With approximately 110 million speakers of the Persian language today, Skrivanek features it as one of its offered languages for translation, interpreting and other language services.

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Full service

Some of our commonly requested services involving Persian include:

  • English to Persian translation
  • Persian to English translation
  • Persian to Urdu translation
  • German to Persian translation

We offer Persian-related translation to various industries, including Automotive, Entertainment, Medical, Technical, Financial, Legal, Public Sector and others.

Professionals in Your Field

Our Persian-based linguists all have native proficiency in the language, which guarantees that all Farsi translations capture the intended meaning of the original text. Their industry knowledge, tied with our team’s use of best-in-class MT and CAT tools, guarantees quality translation with each project.

Translate English to Persian easily and accurately with Skrivanek, where we prioritize professionalism and quality with each job we undertake.

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