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Skrivanek Group Ranks in CSA’s Top 50 LSP List

Again in 2020, Skrivanek ranks as a top 50 language service provider (LSP) worldwide, according to marketing research by Common Sense Advisory. CSA analyzes validated data on several hundred of the largest LSPs in the $49.60 billion global market for outsourced languages services and technology. Skrivanek consistently places high.

Language services are not a luxury item. Global translation and interpreting are essential to industries, governments, and humanitarian efforts alike. Connection to individuals through their native language improves every kind of interaction, improving safety and cooperation, as well as sales.


“Most people don’t recognize the value of interpreting or translation until they can’t understand something—and the absence of spoken or written content in their languages happens far too often,” comments Dr. Donald A. DePalma, CSA Research’s Chief Research Officer.

We are honored to be recognized for language service fulfillment that contributes to the smooth operation of world commerce. And we’re grateful to our hard-working global team of professionals who contribute their passion and talents to Skrivanek’s mission. These individuals form the foundation of our success.

About Common Sense Advisory

Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research) is the premier market research firm specializing in the language services and technology industry. It provides primary data and insight to assist companies with planning, brand strategy, innovation, competitive positioning, and better understanding of global markets.


Skrivanek Group is a world leader in translations and many other complementary services. 

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