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Open doors in Europe with Skrivanek’s Luxembourgish translation services. Our expert native Luxembourgish translators ensure accurate, culturally relevant translations. Experience seamless communication with our specialised Luxembourgish translation solutions.

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Expert Luxembourgish translation services

Navigate the linguistic nuances of Luxembourg with Skrivanek’s professional Luxembourgish translation services. Our team of native Luxembourgish speakers provides a wide range of translation solutions, encompassing legal, medical, financial, technical translations, and more.

We understand the importance of precise terminology in legal documents, accuracy in medical reports, clarity in financial information and technical detail. Our services also extend to localization and interpreting, ensuring your message resonates effectively with Luxembourgish-speaking audiences. Trust Skrivanek to deliver translations that are accurate, culturally sensitive and tailored to your specific needs in Luxembourgish.

Embracing the Luxembourgish language

Luxembourgish, also known as Lëtzebuergesch, is a West Germanic language primarily spoken in Luxembourg. It is one of the three administrative languages of the country, alongside French and German. Luxembourgish has a rich linguistic heritage, evolving from a Moselle Franconian dialect into a distinct language.

It plays a vital role in the country’s national identity and cultural expression. The language’s development, influenced by its neighbouring languages, adds to its unique character. Skrivanek’s translation services respect the intricacies of Luxembourgish, ensuring translations that are not only linguistically accurate but also deeply ingrained with Luxembourg’s cultural nuances.

Embarking on a Luxembourgish translation project?

Reach out to Skrivanek for a personalised quote. Partner with us for precision and cultural sensitivity in all your Luxembourgish translation needs.



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