Kazakh Translation

The Kazakh language, also spelled Kazak, is a member of the Turkic language family primarily spoken in Kazakhstan and certain regions in China. The language, which was initially written in Arabic script, then Latin script to Cyrillic script, has transitioned back to Latin script since 2017.

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Full service

Skrivanek offers translation services to new and existing clients. We focus on a range of industries in which we have noted experience, including  AutomotiveMedicalTechnical, FinancialLegalPublic Sector, Podcasts, Market Research and Marketing.

Apart from Kazakh translation, we also offer Kazakh interpreting services. Our team of expert interpreters are native speakers of the language and understand the importance of the use of native language to foster connections among people.

Professionals in Your Field

Skrivanek stands on its guarantee to offer professional services to all its clients. Our experienced linguists are trained professionals who have the ability to build strong connections with our clients. Our finished product is always reliable because we use cutting-edge MT and CAT tools to ensure thorough and accurate translations.

Our translators work alongside skilled proofreaders and quality assurance personnel whose goal is to give you accurate and consistent translations 100% of the time. Translate Kazakh to English copy for your marketing and business development needs with Skrivanek, a language service provider that you can trust.

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