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Market Research Translation

When you prepare marketing research tools for new languages, translation must be precise in order for the research to have value. In addition, your research tools must be localized, with nuanced adjustments for specific demographics within the cultures you want to reach.

Market Research has a lot of moving parts. We offer Project Management with a can-do attitude, no matter the complexity or tight deadline of your market research project. We ensure accurate, effective software localization, text translation, video dubbing, and localization of multimedia features. And if there are last-minute changes or additions required, we make ourselves available for that work. Your team of Skrivanek experts will fulfil every aspect of your market research translation, on your timeline.


  • Skrivanek’s reputation is built on friendly, responsive customer service.
  • Our project management provides the flexibility necessary to handle changes or additions to your research.
  • Start-to-finish coordination of every aspect of your market research, in a single or multiple markets, is guaranteed.

Research Materials, Translated with Precision

We will translate and localize your entire research campaign:

  • surveys,
  • focus group questionnaires,
  • phone interviews,
  • web features,
  • and other research tools.

Quality assurance at every step is a top priority so that your presentation and interaction with research subjects will proceed smoothly, and collect the vital information you need.

Key Benefits

  • Coding and software mastery to handle web-enabled questionnaires and surveys, and other technological features
  • Prompt attention to your work requests, with rapid turnaround time and strict adherence to agreed delivery deadlines
  • Specialized glossaries for many industries, for use with MT to optimize efficiency and reduce cost
  • An extensive global network with access to linguists and cultural experts all over the world
  • Confidentiality and security guaranteed
  • ISO 9001:2015 and EN 17100 certification

Need a market research translation?

Whatever your translation needs – contact us for a quote.