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Desktop Publishing that Delivers

Desktop Publishing that Delivers

Accurate expression of information is a complex task. Every element must be clear, appropriate, and powerful. Even if your content is a simple text-only report in a single language, your fonts, formatting, layout, and final presentation quality will speak to potential customers about who you are. Desktop Publishing (DTP) that builds your reputation is a job for experienced professionals.

Multilingual flyers, online assets, and e-learning courses are comprised of numerous important details that must be handled with care and intelligence:

  • Linguistically perfect translations
  • Culturally appropriate graphics, photos, colors
  • Layouts that work for the alphabet being used
  • Flawless programming, for digital communication
  • Brand consistency and vitality

At Skrivanek, our DTP Studio is powered by the best technology and a team of specialists who have worked together on a wide variety of projects for many years. We have used our tried-and-true process hundreds of times with superb results, for single language or multilingual DTP projects.

The Skrivanek DTP Studio process

  • Before starting the DTP work, the DTP specialist checks the supplied files against the reference PDF file supplied by the client to verify whether they have all necessary fonts; photos and graphics in the required format and resolution; necessary templates; and files that function as they should.
  • The DTP specialist prepares the materials for translation when relevant, converting source files into a format that’s optimal for translation technology.
  • After translation, the DTP specialist adapts the files to the layout.
  • The DTP specialist returns the text to the new layout file and checks that the layout and formatting of the page correspond to the original source files and typographical rules of individual languages, and that there are no isolated sentences or words or other errors.
  • The size of tables and cells are adjusted so that new or translated text fits into them; placement and style of headers and footers are checked; fonts and special characters are checked.
  • Images are processed with the correct resolution, color saturation, etc., and their placement within the text is checked. Image labels and links to external material are double-checked.
  • Before handing over the DTP product, the specialist will once again review the entire file (for example, a final PDF) and check it against the source file to ensure there are no content errors.

This step-by-step description gives an idea of the level of attention and experience required to transform a file through our meticulous DTP process. There are numerous steps and checks, and multiple experts involved. The Skrivanek DTP Studio is equipped to create excellent results that start with a single contact, and from there we can fulfill your project according to the goals you express. It all starts with a conversation with an Account Manager who knows our language services and DTP resources well and knows the right questions to ask you in order to understand your specific communication needs. Everyone at Skrivanek is committed to the kind of customer service that makes you feel you have a savvy communication partner in your business endeavors, whether for one target market or many around the world.  



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