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Daily Translation for the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU

Since 2004, Skrivanek has been a translation partner to the European Union. We procured our first contract through the EU’s “call for tenders” process, and we had to compete numerous times to retain this project. To date we have successfully translated more than 800,000 standard pages of text for the EU’s Translation Centre headquartered in Luxembourg.

The Task:

The Task:

The role we serve for the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU is translation of technical texts in the field of intellectual property rights. The core task is translation of lists of goods, services, and product details loosely based on the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) International Classification of Goods and Services developed for trademark registration.


  • Location and retention of a large number of translators and revisers
  • Training of these professionals to enable their use of the software and terminological resources from the client
  • Preparation of project and style guides, with translation into all target languages

Special challenges:

  • The wide range of subject fields, covering all types of products and services, required translators trained in numerous different fields.
  • With translation volume that varies significantly throughout the year, week-to-week, we have to be flexible and ready to gear up or scale down with our team of linguists and a backup team.
  • These texts involve a large number of language pairs – so far we have translated texts in 163 language pairs, with varying volumes and frequency.
  • We received all at one time a huge number of files for translation – a batch of several thousand files were assigned on one day.
  • Special translation software that was developed by the client 20 years ago is not adequately upgraded or user-friendly. This required software is not comparable to state-of-the-art CAT tools that we are accustomed to employing.
  • Over the years the workflow has been changed according to the client’s needs. In the beginning, batches were delivered to us once weekly with an expected 7-day turnaround. That has evolved and we now receive texts for translation every day.

More than 25 years of experience

Since 1994, we have been providing language courses, translations and interpreting to customers across the globe.

Branches in 17 countries

The Skrivanek headquarters in the Czech Republic is supported by a network of branches in the US, Germany, Great Britain and other global business centres.

Certified quality

We pride ourselves on offering ISO-certified quality that ensures consistently high standards with each service we provide.

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