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The Thai language, also called Siamese, is the standard spoken and literary language of Thailand. It is spoken by over 70 million native speakers and is one of the languages offered by Skrivanek.

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We have significant experience across a range of professional practices, including Automotive, Entertainment, Medical, Technical, Financial, Legal, Podcasts, Public Sector, Market Research and Marketing. Our Thai translation services allow our clients to spread their message to various markets across the world.

Professionals in Your Field

Thai is a nuanced language, and often incorporates foreign words or loanwords. Because of this specific practice, it is important to use a translation service that contracts native speakers. Skrivanek’s linguists offer a combination of native proficiency in Thai, along with industry experience to ensure that the context of the source material is understood and translated. When a client needs translation from Thai to English or another language, we assign translators that we know will work well with both source and target languages. The accuracy of our output is reinforced through the use of industry-leading MT and CAT tools which make translation projects linguistically accurate and consistent.

If you are looking for a reliable translation partner, Skrivanek is your best and most proven service provider.

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