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Skrivanek Partners Deliver Best Revenues Ever in 2020

Skrivanek Partners Deliver Best Revenues Ever in 2020

Here in the early months of 2021, some facts about 2020 are coming into focus. One of those facts is that the LSPs that form the client base of Skrivanek’s B2B activity were busy and successful last year. Despite COVID, revenues from our LSP clients were the highest ever.

Many of these companies – major LSPs in their home countries – have been entrusting their translations to Skrivanek for at least ten years. From the UK, Europe, the US and Asia, they have most commonly engaged Skrivanek to reach Central Eastern European countries, as well as Germany, Turkey, Greece, and Scandinavia.

What drove their high activity with us in 2020? Increased general demand for CEE translations for end clients is one force. Skrivanek’s experience and capacity when it comes to CEE translations is unrivalled. This is the part of the world where our company began, and we have developed a reputation that attracts long-term partnerships.

In addition to increased CEE demand, our LSP revenues increased last year because handling multi-language projects is another area of specialty for us. We offer dozens of language combinations, both CEE and non-CEE languages. With unique concerns in every country, coordinating the translation of multiple languages is a complex project for which many of our loyal LSP clients need our help. Add to that the range of subjects and business sectors we work in and the result is that Skrivanek’s staff and linguists are able to do justice to our clients’ reputations. They can trust that a job we participate in will help them make their clients happy.

With every year of experience, our processes and range of offerings improve. Project Managers in daily contact with our LSP clients have received glowing feedback for our:

 * friendly, flexible customer service

 * competitive cost estimates and timelines that are reliable

*  end-product excellence

We’d like to share a few of these encouraging comments (while protecting the privacy of those who made them).

About business in 2020 and 2021:

“We hope this year will be just as successful as the last one (if not better!) in terms of our cooperation with Skrivanek. We will be in touch if any language pairs come up with that we haven’t got established partners for.”

Praise for our excellent customer service:

We are very happy sending the Eastern European languages (and some others) to Alexsandra. She is a pleasure to work with and has been our first ‘go to’ for those languages for a while now. Her friendly approach and willingness to help and deal with queries makes a real difference for us!”

It’s all about quality and confidence:

“Yes indeed, we were able to place more jobs with your agency last year. For us the quality is very important. Not only specialized translators, but also a very serious double-check so that we can count on a first-class translation.”

Best wishes to all of our clients and potential clients in this coming business year! Skrivanek’s global network is here to help you succeed and meet the world in just the way you want to.



J. V. McShulskis, Joe Atkinson



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