Traduzione per il marketing

Il marketing, in tutte le culture del mondo, riguarda la persuasione. In parole semplici, questo significa che quando si traducono testi di marketing dall’inglese allo swahili, non si traducono parole, ma concetti. Concetti che comunicano il marchio del vostro prodotto, ma il cui senso profondo viene recepito in un’altra cultura.

Various Types of Marketing Materials

Marketing texts aim to meet the customer at the exact point of their need or desire. Therefore, many subtleties are involved with marketing translation. Humor, idioms, slang, cultural references – these are often replaced with new creations inspired by the original, rather than just literal “translations”. Marketing translations that advance your brand globally can have a vastly different feel than the originals, while maintaining your core brand identity.

Printed pamphlets, brochures, and other marketing tools, will reflect your company's brand because our translation/localization experts have inside knowledge of your target audience. The same goes for website and online ads. Our marketing translators stay up-to-date on consumer trends, legal issues, and regional variations, in order to create online localization that will ensure success of your ad campaign.

Our People Are Professionals

Our marketing translation and copywriting specialists will help you figure out exactly how to translate your brand for new audiences anywhere in the world.

Skrivanek marketing translation benefits include:

• Online and offline marketing translation and localization strategies
• Transcreation of original brand, tone, and concepts
SEO and social media expertise
• Global network of translation, copywriting, and subject matter experts
Translation into over 80 languages
• Cost savings and accuracy optimization through CAT and MT assistance


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