Traducción de pódcast

Los pódcast se han convertido en un elemento habitual de la imagen de marca de las empresas. Si su empresa ha creado un pódcast y desea añadir una nueva faceta a su marketing internacional, puede plantearse traducir ese pódcast para mercados de todo el mundo. Ofrecemos estrategias de traducción de pódcast con voz en off humana y sintética, y con la opción de crear transcripciones traducidas para que los motores de búsqueda puedan acceder en línea al texto de su pódcast.

Share your podcast with the world

Today there are over two million podcasts globally. Hundreds of millions of listeners around the world tune in for education and entertainment as they travel, exercise, and do tasks at home. If you haven’t yet tried to connect with your potential customers through a podcast, developing one might be a good next step for your marketing.

Then when you’re ready to share your podcast with audiences in other countries, we’re here to help you produce a final product that is flawlessly localized for each new market. You may choose to request entirely new audio in a foreign language, or you may prefer consecutive voiceover that leaves your original recording audible to the audience in the background while foreign language voice talent “interprets” the content in the foreground.

Our podcast translation process

Our podcast translation process involves the expertise of linguistic and technical specialists:

    • Analysis of the original podcast format, content, and audio details
    • Development of cost estimate for your consideration
    • Transcription of original content into text form
    • Translation of transcript into your target languages
    • Voice selection for target language audio
    • Final podcast production
    • Distribution and marketing

Top Quality

As with other multimedia content designed to create a sense of familiarity for an audience and win their trust, your podcast will be translated with sensitivity to the target culture. Your translator – who is experienced at finding equivalent target-language phrases and words when that is necessary for accuracy – will carefully consider idioms, humor, proper nouns, and other potentially confusing elements.

Confidence is an important part of success in a new endeavor. Our project managers and service representatives specialize in listening and truly meeting your needs because we sincerely want you to feel that confidence. We ensure that our language service and technical teams take care of every detail involved with your podcast translation. Our quality assurance meets ISO standards, as do our translation processes and data security measures. Your single contact at Skrivanek will set you on course to create superb multilingual podcasts that will add a whole new dimension to your foreign marketing.


We are your podcast translation partner

Skrivanek’s services for your podcast translation project also include guidance on your production options. We can help you prepare the following elements that can raise both the quality and the visibility of your podcast package for audiences around the world.

  • Transcreated art to represent your podcast
  • Integration of appealing, culturally appropriate music
  • Video versions of your podcast so it will be available through Youtube
  • Appropriate voices, dialog, and tone orchestrated for your target audience
  • Transcription of translated podcasts to improve SEO results

Need a podcast translation?

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