Traducción de fintech y criptomonedas

Las industrias globales de fintech y criptomonedas requieren una traducción constante para un flujo creciente de clientes en nuevos mercados internacionales. Los traductores de fintech/criptomonedas deben entender términos especializados y aplicaciones financieras innovadoras, al tiempo que ofrecen una precisión total de cada número, símbolo y palabra.

Specialized glossaries for Crypto and Fintech

Fintech can be generally defined as a rapidly growing segment of financial services that are processed through new technologies and applications, offering transactions that bypass the limitations of traditional brick and mortar banks. Fintech is “financial technology” like the following:

  • Digital payments and online banking
  • Alternative and traditional lending online
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency investments
  • InsurTech for streamlining insurance claims and valuations
  • RegTech for transaction monitoring, fraud detection, etc.

We use extensive specialized glossaries for these fields, inputting the words, phrases, and definitions into the CAT tool databases that are used by our human translators.

Attention to every detail

At the heart of all high-quality translation is scrupulous attention to details. This is especially true for financial translation: a single misplaced number, comma, or decimal point can have disastrous consequences. Fintech is much the same, but has the added challenges of new processes, terminology, and technology.

Skrivanek’s Fintech translators are experienced with all these elements, and they are native speakers of your target languages and aware of the cultural nuances and specific terms involved with Fintech communication and marketing. Well-versed in the legal issues of the industry, they also maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge of regulatory variations in your target countries.

Multilingual translation in any format

Like any other industry that relies on recordkeeping and regulatory compliance, Fintech generates a great deal of documentation. Skrivanek’s Fintech and Cryptocurrency translators handle all of it:

  • Annual, shareholder, compliance, investment, and other reports
  • Risk and market analyses
  • Marketing material, printed and online
  • Legal contracts and loan documentation
  • Software/application content

When your Fintech applications require translation and localization for target markets, you can trust Skrivanek’s Fintech translation teams. Everything from marketing texts to customer interface to software will need to be transformed and tested. Skrivanek’s Fintech translators and technicians work together to guarantee your satisfaction and 100% accuracy of content and function.

Security is paramount

Fintech provides faster, simpler interactions for customers, but this should not ever mean that it’s less secure. It’s essential for the growth of Fintech and Crypto operations that they continue to build credibility as they grow from start-ups to established institutions utilized by millions of customers around the globe. Mistakes and data leaks must be avoided at all costs.

At Skrivanek, we consider ourselves a partner to your process of building a reputation for world-class services. When we translate your materials, we utilize a multi-step security process that has been certified by ISO standards and auditing. We guarantee confidentiality of all your data throughout the translation process, during communication with you about your project, and beyond.

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