Traducción de alimentos y bebidas

El contenido comercial de la industria de alimentación y bebidas es uno de los más delicados, complejos y con mayor carga normativa de todo el mundo. Además del etiquetado preciso y la documentación exigida por los Gobiernos, el transporte y otros organismos, cuando se comercializan alimentos y bebidas se está comunicando sobre uno de los aspectos más personales de nuestras vidas. Las descripciones deben estar bien redactadas específicamente para la cultura de destino y las listas de ingredientes deben ser impecables.

Whatever your specialization…

Skrivanek’s linguists, graphic designers, and multimedia specialists provide language services for every type of food and beverage business:

  • Restaurants, pubs, and fast-food franchises
  • Food and drink producers
  • Small, specialty food sellers
  • Breweries, distilleries, and wineries
  • Agricultural enterprises
  • Food processing appliance manufacturers
  • Kitchen tool and accessory manufacturers
  • Cookbook and instruction manual publishers

Translating the details about a food or beverage product, a recipe, or a food-related technology requires specialized knowledge, clear language, and cultural awareness.

Everything you need, for every market

We are ready to translate and localize content for every need:

  • Menus & recipes
  • Instruction manuals
  • Export/import documentation
  • Advertising & brochures
  • Packaging & labels
  • Websites
  • Videos and other multimedia
  • E-commerce ads
  • Business reports
  • Contracts

From the start of your product development, we can help you localize your brand for foreign markets. During periods of company growth, we can help you scale up and expand to meet high demand for your product in new markets.

Language that entices and reassures

Accurate translation in the food industry is important for many reasons, from liability to customer trust. But so is persuasive writing. Many of our food and beverage project teams will include linguists capable of writing enticing descriptions. Cultural sensitivity is an important part of this process because food is an intimate product, and every culture has preferences and histories that come into play when they make choices. Translation mistakes are easy to make without native target language knowledge, and bad descriptions about food products ruin credibility – and appetites!

We also understand the importance of remembering that food and beverage labels, websites, brochures, and other texts designed for customer connection in this industry are going to be received by an individual human being. People have strong feelings about food and our translations respect that. In addition to writing appetizing descriptions and easy-to-understand instructions, we pay attention to the information people need when they have food restrictions because of culture, religion, allergies, or other reasons.

Our assets become yours

Look to a Language Service Provider that knows the food and beverage world. Skrivanek offers multimedia localization in 96 languages and scores of industries, with competitive pricing, fast turnaround, and agreements you can trust. Our single-contact structure ensures that you will receive full service through every step of your project, via ongoing communication with a single project manager.

Skrivanek’s rapidly growing Multimedia Department is experienced and well-equipped, from our technology to our talent. When you need subtitling for food prep videos, dubbed instructional videos for appliance use and repair, localization of flash videos for advertising, or any other multimedia product, we are ready to provide sophisticated, excellent results.

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