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What do life science and medical clients need?

Translation for the life sciences, medicine, medical devices, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical products is a specialized field. Or more Medical Translation accurately, these categories represent several specialized language service fields with overlap and some common features. First of all, there is so much specialized terminology in each of them that a linguist must have training in the medical or life science field involved with the job, they cannot get by without it. In addition, the structure of the content itself is often technical in nature, which means it can be repetitive and difficult to understand, thus tedious and difficult to clearly translate. Furthermore, all of these areas are subject to the constant evolution of rapidly-changing practices, treatments, medicines, and technology.

Sourcing excellent translators with the appropriate background for the time frame the job requires is work that our project managers are prepared for through vast experience. Planning which technologies to assign to the job and what the timeline and budget should be are also tasks that demand our project managers’ well-honed skills. The projects described below were handled with the highest quality customer service and are listed now among our many successes in medical and life science translation.

    • A German medical diagnostic company requested translation from English into 18 different languages. The project manager for a job like this must enlist numerous translators who possess not only native understanding of the target languages, but also technical subject matter expertise.
    • A global pharmaceutical company required translation of two key clinical trials documents (around 50,000 words) into Spanish for Central America. Our reputation with this client is built on successfully delivering similar projects in the past.
    • A global leader in eye care turned to us when they experienced low participation rates in an employee survey. We translated the survey into eleven languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Our client is now confident that they will receive more feedback from colleagues because we were able to offer important questions and information in their employees’ first languages, which required firsthand understanding of the target culture as well as the field of eye care.
    • A Swedish dental company requested the translation of manuals from English into eight languages. This job required multiple translators with a mastery of highly specific terminology.
    • Another dental company required translation of their dental materials regarding artificial teeth and dental equipment from English into Bulgarian, Slovakian, and two other Slavic languages. We are always prepared to find high quality linguists and subject matter experts for unusual combinations like this.
    • UNICEF’s Health Section organized a meeting with WHO (World Health Organization) and GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), and Skrivanek handled the interpreting for the meeting. Our experience with health-related subject matter coupled with our strong background in high profile interpreting has led to consistent trust in our services by organizations like UNICEF.
    • Working hand in hand with a reputable clinical research institute, one of our interpreters handled an on-site hospital meeting between a patient and hospital staff. Our interpreter’s solid healthcare expertise encouraged the client to request our services again for additional events doing consecutive interpreting from Czech to Russian.
    • We translated large medical manuals for a UK B2B colleague from English into Slovak. Subject matter expertise and excellent translation technology make larger technical translation jobs like this run smoothly with consistently accurate results.
    • A client involved with a variety of clinical trials and studies of psychedelics requested translation from English to Spanish. In addition to guaranteed confidentiality, the job required a language service team that included medical and research translation expertise.
    • One of our Fortune 500 healthcare clients needed a series of press releases. For this client we have designated linguists familiar with the style required for their preferred content, and often there is some copywriting talent needed in addition to deep linguistic knowledge. They delivered top-notch translations in French, German, Russian, and Turkish.
    • We delivered multiple phases of translationwork for a major European clinical trials project. There were conventions and formats that needed to be precisely adhered to, so we worked closely with the client right up to final delivery. From English all documents were translated into Danish, German, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish. Knowledgeable guidance from our project teams, from start to finish, is a feature you can always count on with Skrivanek.

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