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The Skrivanek experience from the sales perspective

The Skrivanek experience from the sales perspective

Skrivanek is celebrating its 25th anniversary and to mark the event we have interviewed some of our key employees continuing with Ivana Matuška, Business Development Manager at Skrivanek.

How long have you been at Skrivanek?

Time flies when you are enjoying what you do and I certainly do enjoy my role. June 2019 made it an unbelievable 5 years since I’ve been working at Skrivanek.

What do you bring to Skrivanek and what does Skrivanek give to you?

My all-round moto for life is “Treat everybody the same way you want to be treated yourself”. This applies to all areas of life. I treat all my customers the same way as I would like to be treated as a customer. What I give to Skrivanek is my professional approach, my can-do attitude to our customers and colleagues, reliability, as well as my communication skills.

Skrivanek has given me an opportunity to discover and broaden my knowledge in an interesting field which translation definitely is (I come from a travel management background). I have learned many new skills and have developed personally. Skrivanek has offered me a position which I am very passionate about.


What do you like most about your work?

Every day is different as I deal with a variety of tasks from calling new customers through and calculating quotations to key account management for our existing clients. I like the diversity of my day-to-day tasks. I like coming to the office as the environment I work in is comfortable with modern facilities.

Most importantly I enjoy working with a team of people I can rely on and having a manger who I can trust. Also, as a mother of a small child, I really enjoy and appreciate the flexibility Skrivanek has given me. I am also very happy returning the flexibility when needed.

How does your job affect your general lifestyle?

My lifestyle walks hand in hand with my job so it only affects it in a good way. The skills I am using at work are applicable to different everyday life areas and I have used plenty of them on many occasions. 

I remember having a funny feeling in my stomach every Sunday evening thinking of going to work on Monday in one of my previous jobs. At Skrivanek, I look forward to what the week brings.

What would you wish the company Skrivanek for its 25th anniversary?

As we get older, we usually wish each other good health as this is the most important asset in every human’s life. If you feel good and you are healthy, you can deal with everything.

I wish for Skrivanek a healthy business environment with a responsible and dedicated team and the drive to stay ahead of its competition. This will definitely allow the business to grow and thrive for another 25 years and beyond. Happy Birthday, Skrivanek!





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