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Subtitling, a language localization technique

In a time when visual technology continues to bring us digitally closer, we often rely on observed emotion and physical expression caught onscreen to convey messages from one culture to the next. There is an unspoken ‘body language’ that is seemingly universal, and which connects worlds like never before. Yet while barriers continue to be broken and far-reaching energies and perspectives collide online, the need to traverse the spoken language barrier has never been greater than it is now. People want reliable information and are no longer satisfied with an implied comprehension of reality.

Social media and other digital forms of communication continue to be conduits of awareness to the realities which exist across the globe, but in order to effectively communicate the veracity of a particular reality, there is no better tool than spoken language, which modern media often achieves through subtitling. subtitling

Subtitling is a language localization technique which produces text versions of spoken content into languages other than the source language. It has been used for decades in various contexts, including entertainment, education, marketing, journalism and many others.

Think back to the last foreign language film you watched. How easily were you able to capture the tone and energy of each scene by reading the subtitles as the scenes played out?

A successful subtitling project is one that is so intuitive that the audience barely recognizes that they are reading. Through a combination of the efforts of experienced linguists and powerful software tools, Skrivanek is able to achieve this for any subtitling request. We accept audio/video files in various formats and use a variety of programs to produce high-quality subtitling.

Entertainment is one of the largest industries to benefit from this barrier-breaking technique. Streaming services, cable networks and online channels use subtitling to create powerful entertainment currency, capturing audiences from every part of the world, and increasing their bottom line in the process. From Disney+ to Netflix and HBO Max, Skrivanek has accurately and effectively communicated the tone and intent of spoken media in entertainment into over 80 localized languages.

But our work does not stop there. Skrivanek welcomes subtitling projects of any size and within any context. Especially now when both work and study are largely achieved remotely, there is an even greater need for portable content. We can make video presentations, audio lectures, e-meetings and other audiovisual content more powerful through subtitling, thus allowing you to communicate with people from various language backgrounds in their native tongue while preserving the tone and intent of the source.

If you have audiovisual content that you would like to make more powerful, reach out to us by email at info@skrivanek.com. We would be happy to be your service provider.

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